Hi Guys. Ali Ziyad here.

Hi I'm Ali Ziyad, living in Maldives and in the capital Male City, with my lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

Ali Ziyad have been working for MNDF (Maldives National Defence Force) for the past 10 years. And trust me, this is one fo the job that anyone must consider before joining. Do you know why! It is because you have to be 100% focused and dedicated to working for almost 24hrs if needed. And I'm not a guy who will spend my entire life like this. But if I'm working here, I'll obviously do what I have to.

So as a result of joining this kind of job, I feel intimidated and a little bit frustrated. And also I have always wanted to start my own business. At the time I didn't know it was going to be an offline business or an online business. But now I know the potential of having your own online business.Therefore now I'm waiting for the opportunity to change my job until, I'm can fully fund my income with passive online income from web businesses that I work with.

This is where Ali Ziyad started all of this...

In the middle of 2004 a network marketing business was introduced in Maldives. A very close friend of mine recommended it so I joined under him.

But lack of information and believability in our culture did not make it work. And for sure, we did not know how to market these type of online home based business opportunties. And we didn't how to duplicate and also not enough team work and help.

To tell you the truth I didn't get enough help from my upline. So I quit. Even though it didn't cover the cost of joining.

There are reasons for quiting it...

  1. Very few people know about internet and about me
  2. Very few even know about network marketing and
  3. They don't even believe that legitimate net businesses exists..

Well that was the end of that business. But I didn't stop searching for a better opportunity. I started learning and researching about network marketing, internet marketing and internet based business opportunities.

And then one day...

I found SiteSell affiliate program which is free to join , and I joined it. And I was getting great information from thier newsletter so basically I was educating myself. I not only joined it but other newsletters that is great for learing stuffs.

And after few months I got its SiteBuild It which says "Why just build a website? Build a Website that works" Blah blah blah...... So I just joined.

This is one of the best decision I have ever made. And Now I follow the Action Guide as my best friend to learn and do the ten Stepping stone to my Financial Freedom.

This is an excellent opportunity that I(Ali Ziyad) found that I can trust. And this can grow my income so that one day I can quit my day job.

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