Bandos Island Resort
The Island Of Hospitality.

It has been a long time since I last visited Bandos Island Resort.

Though I have been there for quite few times I haven't got much pictures of myself there. Because all of the time I went, was for some security purpose and once when I was about 12y and I didn't have a cam with me at that moment. But be patient I'll flood this page with stunning photos after my next visit.

So at this moment it makes really tough for me to explain and express what I feel for this redeveloped resort. I mean it has changed a lot after the Tsunami in 2004. Its reconstruction has made this resort one of the best in Male Atoll. My friends always talk about the beauty of it after returning from a security.

It is said that its Convention center is more often used for World conferences and for Government special meetings. It has got numerous facilities, modern equipments and experienced staff to make the conferences a huge success. It has four rooms, out of which Orchid Room accommodates 450 persons in theater style and 250 persons banquet style.

See it for yourself.


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