Entertainment in Maldives
Something You Must Do

Entertainment in Maldives is quite limited in some extent due to some religious restrictions.

Some of the visitors may be quite addicted to bars and night clubs. But in Maldives, when I think of entertainment it is very different.

What I mean here is that, people visit Maldives to not just to enjoy, but also relax after a long working year.

I think it would be nice to let you know what I do to entertain myself here in Maldives.

As you know I do have a busy schedule working. But when I do get some free time I get together with some of my friends and go fishing. That is the best I think we all enjoy.

But sometimes, I go to some resorts with my family. And we all tend to snorkel, swim and I personally like to learn new stuff like wind surfing. These are some of the things that you could do to entertain yourself in Maldives. So you better choose a resort that has all the facilities that may be required to entertain you.

There is two more things that I think you must do when your here.

  • Diving
  • Night Fishing

but there are more you could do, but I think if you want to see the beauty and our traditional or way of fishing, this is something you must experience.

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