Maldives Culture

I can say that Maldives culture is rich as other countries. We have found in different scripts from various countries that Maldives have been inhabited for more than three thousand years. And Maldives Culture is very rich indeed.

All of them found us as an important trade route. They used to anchor their ships and rest here for a while before they head to their final destination.

We were almost visited by people from all over the world. Mostly from Africa, Middle east and from European countries.

These people have a left a strong influence on the people. Also I found that our people have practiced Buddhism as our religion in those days. And there is a huge cultural influence that I notice from other countries too. Like Bodu Beru (A cultural dance) which I have seen very similar type of dance from India and some African countries through Geographic Channel and other media.

But I believe this is not all there is more to explore for someone who really loves the culture and the history stuff. I personally love to explore more and I highly recommend any traveler to visit at least one island. You’ll really love the warm welcome from the people living there.

The Maldivian Language

When talking about language, it is strongly believed that it is one of a county’s culture and in this case, Maldives culture. The language that the people of Maldives speak is said to have its roots in Sanskrit. And there are some of the researchers that said that their language is strongly influenced by Sri Langka.

Maldivian Ethnicity

The Maldivian population’s origin is said to be shrouded in mystery. There are some who said that the first settlers in this fine land are from Sri Lanka and Southern India but that could not entirely be true. There are those who said that their ancestors are Aryans who have sailed from somewhere else. But nobody can be so sure where the ancestors of the Maldivian people come from.

The Maldivian Family

Because the Maldivian people practice mutual aid and they are also close-knit, they would be able to survive through difficult times. What is good about their close ties? Of course, because of it, other parents from other families could be able to provide care for other’s children. It is traditional to them that the men do the work like fishing and the women look out for the family. This is true in smaller islands even today; Maldives culture that does not entirely change through the course of time.

Maldivian Religion

Since the Maldivian population follow their events and festivities on the Muslim Calendar, you could certainly say that they are very much Islam in religion. Children are taught of the Arabic alphabet. Education about religion is taught to the kids at school and at home. As their tradition, their religion is a part of the school curriculum and taught alongside with the other subjects offered.

Arts and Crafts of Maldives

As a part of their culture, the tombstones of those who have parted are beautifully carved. The people of Maldives are quite skilled when it comes to crafting and carving which makes their creations quite a good souvenir such as ornaments made of tortoise shells and black corals.

Mats Made from Maldives

Even the mats that are woven by the women in Maldives are quite famous. The red mats coming from the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll are the most famous of the mats that are produced in Maldives. The women from there use certain reeds from the nearby island and weave that to make a red mat. With their imagination and skill, they would be able to produce a beautiful mat that can be said to be woven by a mind of a great artist.

Boat Building In Maldives

Since the country of Maldives is comprised of over a thousand islands, surely the mode of transportation there would be through boat. And that definitely means that there would be many individuals there that craft their own boats. Through the years, their boat building also has evolved together with everything else.

With their culture, Maldives certainly could be a great spot for a vacation. And with all that has been said, not only you would want to go there because the land is very beautiful, you would certain want to go there because of the unique culture that they have.

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