Maldives Economy

There is perhaps no word best to describe, the Maldives economy but the fact that it runs smoothly because of its beauty. I know, it doesn’t really make sense, but allow me to explain a little.

The world of Maldives’ economy turns as the tourism industry flourishes. This isn’t to say that the tourism industry is all there is to the Maldivian economy, but the paradise islands you’ve heard so much about are what keep it going.

Being a small country, the Maldives was then thought of as not of tourism material. The country is the lowest in the world, in relevance to sea level. No one ever thought that beautiful island resorts could be created in Maldivian islands, let alone attract so many people.

Much of it was due to its late 1960s president, Ibrahim Nasir. Upon assuming the role as president after the total abolishment of the sultanate, Nasir saw more than a thousand islands and marine-life rich seas and thought that it could be turned into a source of income for the country.

Just four years into Nasir’s presidency, the first resort was opened. It became a worldwide hit, and now, there are tons of island resorts that you could choose for a vacation spot. By 2007, over eight million tourists have visited the paradises of Maldives.

By now, you have an idea on how the Maldives economy runs through the country’s sheer beauty alone. The Maldives is known all over the world for its beaches, and these tourist visitations are what drive the Maldivian economy.

The Maldivian island resorts are not your usual resorts. They are built and maintained by some of the most prominent names in hotels and sustainable development. For those not in the know, sustainable developments is eco-friendly architecture. This means that the natural beauty of the island is well-preserved.

By visiting the paradises of Maldives, you’re not just experiencing the best vacation of your life; you’re also unwittingly helping the Maldives’ economy grow. Tourism isn’t the primary industry of the Maldives for no reason. Their island resorts are more than capable of running an entire country.

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