Maldives Hotels

When my friends ask me, I reply them saying “Maldives hotel are cheaper than the luxury resorts”. So in this case there are two options for you. Options are

  1. You select a hotel in capital island or a resort or
  2. You select a combination of both.

So you need to make a decision about how you want to spend your holiday.

You may want to dive, explore the capital island and explore some islands to learn something about culture etc. And in this case I recommend you to pick a hotel that suite your needs.

But if you want a holiday in an isolated island with complete privacy and luxury, you have to go for a resort that has the amenities you want. So make sure you check them before you book it.

And the rare case is you want both. And I know there are some travel agencies that customize trip for you, but this may be a little bit expensive. But it’s totally up to you to choose.

There is no need for you to go deep hunting for a good travel agency, because I’m going to look for the best that can take care of my site visitors and all the customers so you just need to contact them and ask for it.

But be patient, I need to really investigate it a little and provide you with the best three so I can assure you’re taken care off.

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