Maldives Island
The perfect holiday destination.

It is time for you to know a little about Maldives Island or the country of Maldives.

Maldives is a tropical country located in Indian ocean with about 1200 small little coral islands separated by 26 natural Atolls, from which we have made 20 atoll for administrative purpose.

From these 1200 islands 200 are inhabited and we have reached nearly 90 resorts so that we can cater more tourist.

But after 2008 election and the new president is being elected some of these have been changed a bit.

These 20 atolls have been seperated to 7 provinces. For which still debating in peoples majlis. But still it works under the supervision of atoll council. Which the new government has implimented.

Earliar we had island chiefs and atoll chiefs.

But even after all these changes, I can bet we Maldivians still welcome tourists to our resorts.


Even with all these changes a lot of things are going to change to the people live in these small islands. But I highly recommend you visit to an island nearby to your resort. You will not regret.

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