Maldives resorts

Its so clear, that your are looking for the best Maldives resorts that suites your needs on your vacation. I'm proud to be a Maldivian. Coz I love the concept of developing resort islands by tourism industry. And now 90 resorts developed for YOU to travel and explore Maldives and growing.

I'm here to assist you on deciding the best resort that suites your particular needs.

And also I'll share my experiences in the resorts that I have been to.

But lets make this a bit clear to you so that you can navigate to what you want.

  1. Luxury Resorts
  2. Diving Resorts
  3. Budget Resorts
  4. Spa Resorts

and some general findings...

And please do not hesitate to share your experiences in Maldives , coz I love to hear from YOU.

And please let me know what you would like me to most to improve in my site.

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