Transportation in Maldives.

Transportation in Maldives is one of the major concerns these days. But as a traveler, you really don’t need to bother, because it is handled by your travel agent.

Most of the transportation is done through sea, because 99% of it is sea.

We use boats (aka – Dhonis) to travel from islands to islands. And we also use seaplanes to go to specific resort islands (that is probably the way you will be transferred to your choice of resort) and domestic airplanes to go to some further islands that take more time. But this may be an expensive option for us as well as you. But you don’t want to waste your time on these Dhonis unless you want to spend your time exploring it our way.

So basically what happens is, when you arrive at Male International Airport, you’ll be picked up by the representing travel agent and if you are to go to a nearby resort they will guide you to your launch. And if you’re going to a far away resort, you may have to wait for the agent to help you with your transfer, and in this case you’ll be transferred by seaplane to your resort.

But none of the above fits you or your travelling yourself, you have to take a ferry to the capital island Male which takes 5-7 minute and $1 or $2 per person as fee.

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